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JAG (Jersey Agility of Central NJ) is a dog agility club formed in 2000 to serve the Greater Monmouth and Ocean County Area in Central NJ.

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***FLASH*** JAG August 5-7, 2016 AKC Trial @ Metuchen Sportsplex
OPENS June 21, 2016

***FLASH***May 2016 - June 2016 Agility Classes
Now Open for Registration
Outdoors in Wall, NJ

Upcoming JAG Events

JAG Membership Meeting - TBD @ 7:30PM
Garden State Veterinary Hospital, Tinton Falls, NJ

Newest JAG Champions New Titles

Click on any Member or Dog to view brags by Dog or Member. (R) indicates Rescue dog!
Member Dog CH EarnedOrgDate
Sandy Gypsy Rose MACH7 AKC 05-08-2016
Susan Phaser MACH AKC 04-02-2016
Susan Mars IACs UKI 02-27-2016
Nancy Callia ChWC CPE 12-12-2015
Sandy Gypsy Rose MACH6 AKC 11-15-2015
Kathleen Rowan MACH2 AKC 11-22-2015
Sandy Lacey MACH7 AKC 10-30-2015
Hollis Batman MACH4 AKC 10-31-2015
Hollis Batman SACH USDAA 09-20-2015
Sally Hank MACH3 AKC 08-01-2015
Carol & Paul Zuri MACH AKC 08-01-2015
Carol & Paul Winner MACH AKC 07-05-2015
Carol & Paul Peyton PACH AKC 07-05-2015
Kathleen M. INDY MACH AKC 07-12-2015
Kathleen M. VEGAS MACH4 AKC 07-12-2015

Click on any Member or Dog to view brags by Dog or Member. (R) indicates Rescue dog!
Member Dog Registry Title Date
Jewel-Ann & Sal Nicony / Giordano Storm AKC NAP 06-04-2016
Christy Wrede Emma (R) AKC MXP2 06-04-2016
Susan Bankauf Thruster UKI IND 05-14-2016
Susan Bankauf Mars UKI IWACs 05-14-2016
Katelyn Laufenberg Fiona UKI SSBs 05-13-2016
Laura Williams Riley AKC NAP 05-08-2016
Laura Williams Riley AKC NFP 05-08-2016
Jewel-Ann & Sal Nicony / Giordano Storm AKC NJP 05-08-2016
Sandy Gonchar Gypsy Rose AKC MACH7 05-08-2016
Pamela Laufenberg Blue CPE CTL1-R 05-07-2016
Pamela Laufenberg Blue CPE CTL1-H 05-07-2016
Katelyn Laufenberg Callie Girl (R) CPE CL1-R 05-07-2016
Sally Gichner Hank AKC MJB2 04-30-2016
Sally Gichner Hank AKC MFG 04-30-2016
Melissa Lorincz Nacho-Man (R) TDAA TG2 04-28-2016

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Click on any Member or Dog to view brags by Dog or Member
Member Dog Registry Date Brag
Sara Zislin Nova AKC 05-02-2016 Nova was a rock star at Dachshund National, she placed first in Standard, Jumpers and Time to Beat, and earned High in Trial in both Standard and Jumpers, the first dog from her Kennel to compete in the agility portion of the breed national, in addition she took 2 second place finishes in Rally Novice and after a 2 year break earned her RN, also the first dog in her kennel to compete at the national in Rally Obedience
Sara Zislin Priest AKC 05-02-2016 Puppy beast took two first places, and a second in puppy 9-12 ms at Dachshund National
Carol & Paul Mount KenKen AKC 05-01-2016 Test Brag
Bonnie Starnes Athena Other 04-30-2016 Athena Tundra won the Tricks Competition at the MCSPCA Dog Walk. Received a big, lovely gift basket filled with doggie goodies.
MaryAnn & Peter Vandenberg ARAGON AKC 04-27-2016 Aragon passed his CGCA Test.
Bonnie Starnes Athena UKI 03-18-2016 Athena Tundra earned her first UKI Q with a 2nd place in Speedstakes 20" at the JAG UKI Agility Trial, Howell, NJ
Bonnie Starnes Athena Other 03-06-2016 Canicross: 3rd Place Medal at the Betty Carhart Memorial Race; Mt. Misery, NJ. Total miles: 4.2. Hosted by the Jersey Sands Sled Dog Racing Assoc & the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club. International Sled Dog Racing Assoc: Women's 9th place ranking
MaryAnn & Peter Vandenberg ARAGON CPE 02-13-2016 Aragon's first Trial in CPE at Y2K9's Willow Grove, Pa. Ran in Snooker had off course, Colors had Zoomies but came back to me when I called and Jumpers Q'd First Place, with Run Time of 21 not bad for starting out



Demos are available to local schools, charities and other events. Please contact us for additional information.

The club offers seminars, clinics, guest instructors and lessons.

In addition, the Club has an outdoor practice area that is available 7 days a week.

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Club Affiliations: AKC, USDAA, CPE, UKI, VALOR

Number of Members: 100 and counting

WE ACCEPT PAYPAL FOR CLASSES, SEMINARS and other club expenses. 

Membership Information

For information regarding membership to JAG (Jersey Agility of Central NJ) please click on the Member Application link along the left hand side of the page.

CLICK HERE to review the JAG Constitution and By-Laws

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or Call (732) 927-1524 aka (732) 927-1JAG

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