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JAG (Jersey Agility of Central NJ) is a dog agility club formed in 2000 to serve the Greater Monmouth and Ocean County Area in Central NJ.

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***FLASH*** April 2014 - May 2014 Agility Classes Now Open for Registration
Indoors in Howell, NJ
Click the DIRECTIONS button above for address and directions

***FLASH*** JAG AKC Trial - June 13-15, 2014 - CLICK Here for Premium
at Total Turf in Pitman, NJ
OPENS Tuesday, April 29

***FLASH*** JAG AKC Trial - Aug 1-3, 2014 - CLICK Here for Premium
at Metuchen Metroplex in Metuchen, NJ
OPENS Tuesday, May 27

Upcoming JAG Events

JAG Membership Meeting - Thursday, May 1, 2014 @ 7:30PM
Garden State Veterinary Hospital, Tinton Falls, NJ

Click Here for JAG Valor League Information

Newest JAG Champions New Titles

Click on any Member or Dog to view brags by Dog or Member. (R) indicates Rescue dog!
Member Dog CH EarnedOrgDate
Rebecca Wyatt (R) TACh3 TDAA 10-20-2014
Elaine Nikki PACH AKC 04-06-2014
Denise Hunter ADCh USDAA 04-06-2014
Melissa Lorelai ChJP CPE 04-18-2014
Judith Ann Rocky C-ATCH2 CPE 04-20-2014
Karin Cash MACH AKC 04-20-2014
Melissa Lorelai C-ATCH2 CPE 03-01-2014
Jewel-Ann & Sal Kasey MACH4 AKC 03-01-2014
Kathleen M. VEGAS MACH3 AKC 03-09-2014
Melissa Lorelai ChCL CPE 03-15-2014
Melissa Lorelai ChWC CPE 03-16-2014
Sally Hank MACH2 AKC 03-16-2014
Kelly & Rayce Surf MACH AKC 03-23-2014
Sandy Lacey MACH4 AKC 02-08-2014
Carol & Paul Fusion IAC UKI 01-05-2014

Click on any Member or Dog to view brags by Dog or Member. (R) indicates Rescue dog!
Member Dog Registry Title Date
Rebecca Loffredo Wyatt (R) TDAA TACh3 10-20-2014
Judith Ann Luce Rocky CPE C-ATCH2 04-20-2014
Judith Ann Luce Razzle CPE CL4 04-20-2014
Judith Ann Luce Razzle CPE CL4-H 04-20-2014
Karin Wiechmann Cash AKC MACH 04-20-2014
Melissa Lorincz Lorelai CPE ChJP 04-18-2014
Melissa Lorincz Lorelai TDAA TMAG2 04-15-2014
Pamela & Eleeza Larson / Farraday Fizz TDAA TG3 04-15-2014
Carol & Paul Mount Ta-Da! UKI BID 04-13-2014
Elaine Hopkins Nikki AKC PACH 04-06-2014
Elaine Hopkins Nikki AKC PAX 04-06-2014
Maryanne Borowski Zena (R) AKC NA 04-06-2014
Maryanne Borowski Zuri (R) AKC MXB 04-06-2014
Denise Visco Hunter USDAA ADCh 04-06-2014
Melissa Lorincz Lorelai AKC AX 04-05-2014

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Click on any Member or Dog to view brags by Dog or Member
Member Dog Registry Date Brag
Laura Williams Riley AKC 04-06-2014 I am so proud of my Riley who passed his CGC test. Riley just turned 21 months old. A big thank you to Ellie Bergold for helping to train and prepare us for the test.
Howard Levine Fiona AKC 04-05-2014 ex standard
Howard Levine Fiona AKC 04-04-2014 masters jww
Elaine Hopkins Penny AKC 03-30-2014 AKC National Agility Championships Nikki was 4/4 and made finals - Placed 2nd in 20"P class!
Elaine Hopkins Nikki AKC 03-30-2014 Nikki received a 2nd place at The NAC trail in 20" P
Kelly & Rayce Ely Surf AKC 03-30-2014 Finished 61 out of 307 dogs at our first AKC Nationals with clean runs every round
Lynn & Jay Ancona / Kessel Moxie AKC 03-29-2014 fast ex Q'ed
Judith Ann Luce Razzle Other 03-10-2014 Preliminary results for 2013 WCRL National Rankings (top 20), Razzle is #10 in the RL3X category.



Demos are available to local schools, charities and other events. Please contact us for additional information.

The club offers seminars, clinics, guest instructors and lessons.

In addition, the Club has an outdoor practice area that is available 7 days a week.

Club Profile     Official PayPal Seal

Club Affiliations: AKC, USDAA, CPE

Number of Members: 100 and counting

WE ACCEPT PAYPAL FOR CLASSES, SEMINARS and other club expenses. 

Membership Information

For information regarding membership to JAG (Jersey Agility of Central NJ) please click on the Member Application link along the left hand side of the page.

CLICK HERE to review the JAG Constitution and By-Laws

Call us: We can do the work for you... Clicking on the icon below and your phone will be called and connected to us

or Call (732) 927-1524 aka (732) 927-1JAG

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